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Muri Beach 'Eco-Resort' Rarotonga - Commitment to our Environment

Muri Beach Resort is proud to be the first Rarotongan and Cook Island resort to be 100% solar energy sufficient and to also support sustainable tourism practices. We are an environmentally friendly resort and are always looking at new ways to help our environment and deliver new and effective eco-standards to our guests.

100% Solar and Environmentally Friendly Resort

We operate in a fragile environment, perched on the shores of a pristine lagoon and nestled amongst virgin tropical bush and plantations. As a small isolated island in the middle of the South Pacific, we recognise the importance of the health of our environment for the future of our industry and for the future generations of our Cook Island people.

The owners of Muri Beach Resort fully support and endeavour to adopt best practices in sustainable tourism, taking into consideration the impact of their business operation on the local environment and the community, as well as on a global level.

The main areas of concern are energy and water conservation, recycling and treating wastes, sourcing locally-produced products in our restaurant and other area of the resorts operations, supporting community conservation projects. Particular areas of concern are energy supplies and treating wastes, The island of Rarotonga currently has its power supplied by diesel generated power plant and all island wastewater is not passed through a central processing plant but is treated individually commonly via a septic system that seeps liquid waste into the environment.

Recent developments at the resort have given the owners the opportunity to make the following improvements:

  1. Install a state of the art solar system that will allow the resort to be 100% self sufficient for its power supply. This is the first resort in the Cook Islands to implement such a system, setting the standard for future utilisation of renewable energy and the development of eco-tourism in the Cook Islands. Click here to read more.

  2. Upgrade the infrastructure to include a aerated sewerage treatment system that treats the wastewater so that the only bi-product is grey water (free of harmful contaminants) that is then put back into the gardens.

  3. UV water treatment system that produces bottled quality water to every tap on the property. This results in safe drinking water and a reduction in the otherwise enormous amount of plastic bottle waste and we encourage guests to refill.
In addition, the resort also adopts the following policies and services:

  1. Growing edible gardens within the resort to supply organic fruit, vegetables and herbs to the restaurant and shared with the guests
  2. Glass, plastic and aluminium waste is separated and recycled
  3. We do not use cleaning products containing phosphates as these can have a detrimental effect on our lagoon waters
  4. Keeping pigs that recycle all food waste from the restaurant and guest rooms
  5. Supporting local growers and fishermen for the supply of restaurant foods